Our Purpose


  • We are in business to help other businesses to grow and prosper.
  • We want to be recognized as best professionals in the industries we operate.
  • We aspire to make the world a bit better place.
  • We want to have fun while achieving our business goals.


  • Respect. Business is people and people are business. We respect them.
  • Do what is right. We will not engage into any "black" or "grey" markets or activities.
  • We aim high, we aim to win. We seek to be the best in whatever we do.
  • Commit and deliver. We want our customers to be sure of our ability to deliver.
  • Have fun. Business is important part of our lives, so we want to have fun, while working.
  • We give back to society. Our lead partners are www.ziedot.lv and Robert McDonald Houce of Charities (www.rmhc-latvia.lv)


  • Trust. We build trust within our team and with our customers. We care for other people, we commit and deliver.
  • Leadership. We aim to become leaders in every field that we engage in. We are passionate leaders.
  • Plain talk. We say what we mean, and we expect that from others.
  • Positive energy. We believe that focusing on "can be done" and focusing on the task enables superior results.
  • Innovation. We always look for new ideas and ways to make a difference.